九年级英语上册Unit 1-2重点短语

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Unit 1

have a good time 玩得愉快

enjoy oneself 玩得开心

summer holiday =summer vacation 暑假

have a good summer holiday


winter holiday=winter vacation 寒假

come back from..... 从某地回来

be back=come back 回来

become more and more beautiful


have been to 曾经去过某地

have gone to 已经去了某地

take photos 拍照,照相

by the way 顺便问一问

for a long time 很长时间,很久

take part in 参加,参与

disabled children 残疾儿童

learn……from… 从……中学习到……

have no time to do sth.


make friends 交朋友

put on 上演;穿上 ; 戴上

a group of 一组,一群 

jump rope 跳绳

chat on line上 网聊天

do farm work 干农活

more than=over 超过

less than 少于

see sth. oneself 亲眼目睹

in the 1960s20世纪 60年代

living conditions 生活条件

ring roads 环形公路 

be crowded(with) 拥塞;挤满

have the chance to do sth. 


receive a good education 


keep in touch with 与...保持联系 

far away 遥远的

reform and opening-up policy


kinds of 各种各样的; 许多种的

satisfy one's needs 满足某人的需要

not only...but also...  不仅...而且...

enjoy good medical care


What' s more 此外、而且

make progress 取得进步

suceed in doing sth. 成功做某事

host the Olympic Games 主办奥运会

hold the Olympic Games 举办奥运会

live in the present 活在当下

dream about the future 展望未来

leisure activities 课外活动

play an important part/role in


in the past 在过去

at present 现在;目前

in the future 在将来

play hide and-seek 玩捉迷藏

in recent years 最近几年

places of interest 名胜古迹

in the open air 在户外,露天

roll iron rings 滚铁圈

go roller skating 去滑早冰

be not in 不在家

be not at home 不在家

be out 外出

not...any more=no more 不再

get lost=lose one's way 迷路

a couple of 一些,几个

call up= ring up 给某人打电话

at least 至少

increase by 增加了...
increase to 增加到...
the largest population 最多的人口

the smallest population 最少的人口
developing countries 发展中国家
developed countries 发达国家
carry out 实施执行
one-child policy 独生子女政策
one fifth 五分之一
two fifths 五分之二
one quarter 四分之一
one fourth 四分之一
a/one half=one second 二分之一
at the same time 后时然而
for example 例如
so far 到目前为止

take measures to do sth.


be known for = be famous for


be known as = be famous as


work well in doing ....方面起良好作用

thanks to 由于,辛亏

deal with 对付,应付,处理

solve the problem 解决问题

answer the question 回答问题

be surrounded by .....包围

close to 接近于; 在附近

try to do sth 尽力去做某事

try doing sth 尝试做某事

be careful with 小心

help each other 互相帮助

have fun 玩得开心

have fun (in) doing sth.


the capital of China 中国的首都

take sb./sth.to....


Tian'anmen Square 天安门广场

make a repor 做报告

belong to属于

extended family 大家庭

nuclear family 核心家庭

used to do sth. 过去常做某事

be/get/become used to doing sth.


be used to do sth. 被用来做某事

as a matter of fact=in fact 事实上

show sth. to sb. = show sb sth.


homeless people 无家可归者

return to 回到,恢复到

live a normal life 过正常生活

in need 在困难时,在危难之中

decide on+ n./v-ing 就某事做出决定

decide to do sth. 决定做某事

medical treatment 医疗

provide sb.with sth.= provide sth for sb.


so that=in order that 为了

around the world 全世界

all over the world 全世界

throughout the world 全世界

a period of time 一段时间

be able to do sth. 能够做某事

earn money 赚钱

take drugs 吸毒
mental illess 精神疾病
on purpose 故意
Project Hope 希望工程
make a contribution to doing sth.

both…and… 两者都
as a result 结果
respect teachers 尊敬老师
aid the poor 帮助穷人
and so on 等等,诸如此类

Unit 2

see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事

see sb. do sth 看见某做过某事

chemical factories 化工厂

pour...into ...倒入...

waste water 废水

have a picnic 野炊

cutdown 砍倒,削减

because of 由于,因为

see a docter 看医生

not yet 还没有

terrible gas 难闻的气体

what's worse 更槽糕的是

in a bad mood 心情差

in a good mood 心情好

can't bear/stand sth. 不能容忍某事

can't bear/stand doing sth. 


hope that +句子    希望...

hope to do sth 希望做去其事

hope sb. to do sth. 希望去做某事

wish sb to do sth.  希望某人去做其事

by the way 顺便说一下

be harmful to ..有害

do harm to ....有害

be bad for ...有害

be hamless to ...无害

go deaf 变聋

go hungry 挨饿

quite a few= many 许多,大量

have hearing loss 丧失听力

lose one's hearing 丧失听力

no better than 

不比...更好; 与....一样差()

in public 在公共场所

become sick 生病

become deaf 变聋

all sorts of=all kinds of


environmental problems 环境问题

in many ways 在许多方面

breathing problems 呼吸问题

with the increase in population


with the development of

随着.... 发展

make people deaf 使人耳聋

make sb./sth.+ adj. 使某人/某物....

make sb./sth do sth.使某人某物去做某事

as well (肯定句句末)

as a result 因此结果

as a result of 由于... 的原因

change into 变成

stop...from doing sth. 阻止...做某事

blow away 吹走

protect the environment 保护环境

do one's best to do sth. 尽力去做某事

try one's best to do sth.尽力做某事

die out=disappear 灭绝,消失

manage to do sth.


live a quiet life 过着安静的生活

something useful 一些有用的

none of (三个或以上) 都不

here and there = everywhere 


walk on grass 践踏草坪

pick flowers 摘花

care for 照顾,关心

wild animals 野生动物

obey/follow the rules 遵守规章

in many ways 在许多方面

take away 拿走,取走,带走

around the earth 地球周围

the ozone layer 臭氧层

pass through 穿过; 经过 ;经历

the greenhouse effect 温室效应

the levelof the oceans 海平面

plenty of 大量,许多

shortage of =be short of 缺少

make progress 取得进步

day by day 天天,逐日

be covered with 覆盖

interview sb. about sth.采访某人某事

work for 致力于

spread the message 传递信息

encourage sb. to do sth.鼓励某人去做某事

It’s a pleasure. 不用谢

You are welcome. 不用谢

work hard 努力学习; 辛勤工作

fail the exam 考试失败

nod the head 点头

shake the head 摇头

hurry up赶快

give up 放弃

plastic bags 塑料袋

a cloth bag 布袋

be supposed to do sth. 应该做某事

ought to do sth. 应该做某事

shut off 切断,关掉

instead of 代替; 不是.而是

Easier said than done.

说来容易做来难; 知易行难

Actions speak louder than words.


acid rain 酸雨

nuclear energy 核能

a way to do sth.....的方法

a way of doing sth.....的方法

everyday life 日常生活

daily life 日常生活

maglev train 磁悬浮列车

a top speed 最高速度

maglev guide paths 磁悬浮导轨

traditional steel railways 传统铁轨

run out 用完,耗尽

renewable sources 可再生资源

produce electricity 发电

such as 比如

types of 各种类型的

even though 即使